Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Narcolepsy, Mickey Ears, and Chubby Bunny

She refuses to nap during "nap time", so Dahlia has taken to passing out where ever in the mid afternoon. Maybe someday I'll write a book exploring all the similarities between children and drunk people.

Here are the kids with their Disney loot. Gotta have those ears.

Last weekend I took the kids to the playground. It was cut short by rain, but not before we met the resident bunny. His name is Chubby and I think Dahlia could have pet him all day.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth.

Saturday we met up with Grammy and Ray for some lunch. We checked into the hotel with them, then we went to Downtown Disney to meet up with Josh, Julie and Zoe. On the ride over Gregory got a little sick in the car. Just the Post Nasal Drip having it's way with my children. We cleaned him up and went to check out the Lego store. Here's Dahlia at the Lego table outside. They had a very cool squishy floor out there.

There were also some very awesome displays of Lego ingenuity.

Grammy and I were walking through a store with the kids. I was holding Greggy cause I foolishly forgot the stroller in our car back at the hotel. So when he started throwing up all over my sweater vest I had to shove little aspiring princesses and excited Asians out of my way only to find out that tissues were all the man at the counter could offer me. So I spent the first night of my mini vacation strolling around Downtown Disney vomit-glued to my son. Not the most fun I've ever had.

Here he is brushing his teeth the next morning. After all you can't meet the mouse with puke breath. He's getting so big.

First order of business, get strollers. The girls rode in the double wide and Greg had a single to snooze in. Then the girls got matching Tinker Bell sunglasses. Dahlia needed a new pair since her Dora ones broke. She loves them.

Our first stop was Minnie's house in Toon Town. Here's the kids sitting on Minnie's couch. Zoe is striking quite the pose. I never checked any of this out on my first trip to Disney so I thought it was pretty neat too. Minnie had her own sewing/art studio. I took this picture for my sister.

At this point in the day Gregory was wondering when his nap would arrive. So I sat out Mickey's house and tried to keep him happy. This photo pretty much sums up how the boys felt about the whole day. In his defense Gregory, however was much happier after a lite snooze.

Next we found a playground that was all Pooh themed. I think Dahlia had the most fun here. There was even a tree that you could go in and it looked like Pooh's house.

They also had an area with water jets in the ground. We spent a lot of time here.

She didn't get close enough to get soaked and it was hot out anyway. I practically had to drag her in line to ride the Pooh Bear ride. It was a half hour wait. She was very good. Barry took this time to walk Gregory around until he passed out. The ride was a little more "intense" than I was expecting. Once we got to the Heffalumps and Woosles, everything was all black light and bordering on scary. But she loved it. Zoe, who was sitting on my other side shrunk down in her seat at one point. After Pooh there was more playground fun and then lunch.

Then Dahlia and I went on Dumbo. Here we are in our pink elephant. She got a real kick out this one. There's a little joystick so I could control if we went up or down.
After our flying elephant ride. Nana and Bumpa took Dahlia and Gregory to the Country Bear Jamboree. Barry found the only rocking chair in Disney and sat looking at the water, while Josh, Julie, Zoe and I did Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. I got soaked!!!
We caught the end of the show at Cinderella's castle on our way out and even saw some fireworks. Sorry no pictures. I put my camera on Barry's belt so I didn't always have it on hand when I wanted it. Good lesson for next time I guess.

Then we all went back to Downtown Disney for dinner at T Rex, a huge dino themed restaurant. There was an underwater room as well as the ice cave. Barry sat under a g-normous caterpillar

For anyone who want to have a drink under a GIANT squid (I'm looking at you Alyson) I recommend the bar here.

This is the ice room behind that dino. The lights inside the walls would change every so often. It was a lot of fun. Gregory made an enormous mess and got so much red jello on himself that his skin is still stained red in some areas.
The next day Gregory had me all to himself. I think he enjoyed the extra attention. Dahlia went back with Grammy and Ray. She rode It's a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Aladdin's Flying Carpet, and the Jungle Cruise. Julie took pictures for me, so when I get them from her I'll be sure to post them.
I had a great time with the kids. It doesn't hurt that the tickets were free. If we did a vacation there for real though I would have planned it a little better I hope.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Stay tuned

So I finally burned all my photos onto cds. We are going to Disney World on Sunday so tune in next week for fresh updates.

In the mean time finish this sentence,

I'm going to hug Mickey so hard...