Sunday, November 23, 2008

Playing catch up

First and foremost. I would like to wish my Dad a Happy Birthday! And so would Dahlia...

Ok so "Hi my name is Meredith and I'm an addict" My drug of choice/guilty pleasure; Pixie Hollow on

Dahlia likes to watch the fairies so yesterday on our walk we collected some leaves and with the help of Jody's glue gun (thanks) I made Dahlia her very own Fairy.

The wings are made of tissue paper died with water and instant coffee that I then put in the oven on broil to dry. "Paper in the oven, Meredith?" I know. I kept the door open and watched it the whole time. It wasn't until I was taking the pizza pan out of the oven that I grazed the tissue paper against the heating element and set fire to my hard work. HAHAHA . I was able to run it under some water and save enough paper for what I needed. Dahlia did get her dolly back and she loves it. And it will all fall off eventually and nothing was glued to the doll.

Ok, now we are working backwards. Friday was both my fathers and Barry's father's birthday. Neat, I know. We went to Barry's dad's for dinner and cake. So here are some kiddie cake face pictures.

He got it up his nose. There was so much in his lap that we broke out the vacuum.

Last week we had another nice visit from Nana and Bumpa. They brought Gregory his Birthday present early. Dahlia was only two happy to help him open it. She even offered to store the bulky trucks in her room for him. She's so nice.

We also took Dahlia and her bike to the park a while back. We met up with Emily and Russ. Dahlia hasn't quite gotten the hang of the pedals yet, so there wasn't a lot of riding going on.

Then she passed out on the swings so we took her home.

Also recently a local church sponsored a block party for our neighborhood. Most of the games were more geared towards bigger kids, but she did get her face painted. I told the woman "maybe just a heart on her cheek" She saw Dahlia's Dora sunglasses and got inspired. Which is fine, but I was very offended that she made her little Hispanic face pink. I wanted to slap that church lady and ask her if she prayed to a picture of a white Jesus. Sorry. We live in a very diverse neighborhood. And Dora is a role model to a lot of little girls, especially Spanish speaking ones. I felt like she was painting a little white Dora for my little white Dahlia.

Gregory sat by and sucked on a leaf, but I could tell he was upset too.

Also she had my daughter in a vice grip.

And lastly, look how cute my lil puddin is wit his wittle cup...awwwe

Friday, November 14, 2008

Not dead...

Just a quick shout out to my avid reader (I think you know who you Haven't posted it a while because I can't get my pictures to upload to the computer. Also I'm addicted to the Pixie Hollow website on I don't think there is anything wrong with my camera or the cable, I think I just need to fiddle with the settings. So no worries. Real posts are coming soon.
Things to look forward to seeing.
  • another nice visit from Grammy and Ray
  • we got a new bed, a real bed like the mattress kind
  • I set up a little sewing corner for myself

Well stay tuned.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nana and Bumpa

The kids got some Halloween cards from my mom in the mail on Saturday. Dahlia loved her pumpkin and kitty.

Gregory was intrigued.

Also on Saturday Barry's grandparents arrived from their drive down from the Cape. They live a few hours away from us here, but they got a hotel and we got to spend some time with them that night and Sunday morning.

We went out to Olive Garden. I'm very glad to be the farthest person from the camera in this photo. Dahlia always looks the best anyway.

Nana and her little girl.

Gregory eats gnash.

This is the next morning at Friendly's. Gregory's trying to have some milk, but it's a little colder than he's used to and the straw is proving less than helpful.

Dahlia is an expert at the straw.

"Here's egg on my face." haha

After breakfast we took Nana and Bumpa to the play ground we go to. Nana went down the slides with Dahlia, they had a blast.

She's a trooper.

The men hung out on the side lines. Gregory could swing all day.

Dahlia having lunch at her new Princess Table. She got it for her Birthday back in August, from Nana and Bumpa. They brought it down with them along with a lot of other great stuff. Thanks!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's been a busy weekend

Ok, we have a lot to cover here people so stay hydrated and try to keep up.

Friday I mowed the lawn and raked up the grass clippings. As I was stashing the grass in the undergrowth out back I found I lime tree. Dahlia found some dirt. She dug a hole, she bathed in it. She had so much dirt in her hair, that her scalp looked like heavy grit sand paper. I gave the limes to our neighbors because Barry's allergic.

Here are the girls all dressed up and itching to go Trick or Treating. If only Gregory would hurry up and chug that bottle.

Girl with a mission.

We told everyone he was rookie of the year Dustin Pedroia.

Enjoying the fruits of her labor.
Grammy and Ray also got here on Saturday. But I just realized I haven't uploaded those pictures yet so stay tuned.