Monday, January 26, 2009

Art exchange & paper towel massacre

I have already posted this on facebook and myspace... I'm just trying to get the bloggy crowd too, so I can be overwhelmed with projects I have to finish. So if you've already responded to one of the other posts I have made regarding this little game, disregard. You're already getting something :)

The first TEN people to respond to this post will get something made by me.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:-

  • What I create will be just for you.

  • It'll be done and delivered this year(2009).
  • You have no clue what it's going to be. It may be a mix CD. It may be a scarf or hat. I may make you a book or journal. I might bake you something* and hand-deliver/mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!
  • I reserve the right to do something extremely unique.

  • THE BIG CONDITION: you must post this in your facebook/blog/whatever so that ten people can respond to you! It's like a big chain letter that you actually benefit from (and not in an impossible "your crush will kiss you tomorrow" way). So don't reply unless you also want to make something for ten other people!
I know a butt load of artsy people so step up and lets create and share.

Today a tragedy beset our household. In a moment of weakness I decided to go to use the lady's room all by myself. In the absence of supervision, Gregory took out his groggy frustration on an unsuspecting roll of paper towels. BEHOLD THE CARNAGE!!!!

I had to look away...only to see him, just trying to wipe the baby's bottom.

He's a good kid. He just lost his way.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am not great with words. The best I can do is SIGH. I feel like there is finally hope for my family and for all the rest of the country that are struggling to make due.

This is the first time I have been not only proud to be an American but more importantly proud of our Democratic process.

In other news Dahlia was sick again this morning. But we got her some of the same anti nausea tablets, and some Gatorade. She's doing much better.

Also I'm thinking of starting my own Esty shop online.
But first I think I need to expand my knitting horizones beyond scarves and hats. So please I'm open to suggestions or if you would like to share a pattern with me. Please email any patterns or photos to me at and put "knitting ideas" in the subject. Maybe something you saw in a magazine but can't make it your self. I have lots of yarn and need to start doing something with it. I can't seem to give my knit wear away fast enough.
Looking forward to your ideas.
Thanks again to everyone who voted!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a week...

I'll start with the good stuff and work my way down the endless spiral of rotten.

I took the kids with me to Michael's last weekend to use my gift card. I got lots of yummy yarn. Mostly fallish tones. I'm enjoying this color scheme right now.

But since my yarn stash is overstepping it's one-plastic-tote constraints. I swore a solemn oath to not touch my new treasures until I finished all my other projects. This involved weaving the ends in on a few scarves. I also added tassels to this little number.

And finished a hat I had been making for Barry.

Next up is making the matching arm warmer to Ms. Fuzzy.

I made this out of a bunch of scrap browns, oranges, and greens. It has an ivy and leaves pattern that's a little hard to see through the fuzzier yarns. After this set is complete I'm going to try it again in the new variegated fall yarn I got.
So that was the good stuff and now...
On Wednesday Barry came home from work with flu like symptoms. When he woke up Thursday morning he couldn't breath and was taken to the hospital. The last time this happened they said his lungs were filled forty percent with fluid and he had chronic bronchitis. This time the EMT told me as they were leaving that there was no fluid in his lungs and he didn't have a temperature. On the trip there he heard them give a code over the radio that he was fine and faking it. So they sent him to triage with all the other runny noses. The first doctor that checked him out rushed him back to the ER because his lungs were 80% filled with fluid and he was drowning. Later we found out it was that EMT's first day. I'm ok with people needing to learn but it never hurts to double check the new guys work!! So after some breathing treatments to break up the fluid, Barry came home. He has pneumonia and needs to rest. Thanks to his family we got him the medicine he needed. Thank you! He's been getting a lot better and then...
Yesterday morning Dahlia woke up coughing. I got her a sip of water and laid her back down. Then I heard more coughing and it was the kind that leads to messy. So lets just say I need to wash her pillow case and her baby's clothes, but she figured out to lean over the toilet. This continued about every ten to twenty minutes until I got her to the hospital and they gave her a little anti-nausea pill, and some Gatorade. Good as new.
Too long of a story sum up. Everyone has the mullygrubs = dishes and laundry starting to join forces and take over.
And now for something completely different.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The park.

This last weekend the kids and I went to the park to give Barry a little quiet time to study. I believe the name of it is Lotus Lake Park? We've been there before for the playground, but this time I decided to explore the trails a little. After about a half hour I thought we might not see civilization again.

She is getting so big.

So is he. I love this picture.

I thought this was just a bridge but it's a board walk the goes all through the park. Me thinks it's to keep the gator related casualties low. Once we got closer to the lake there are railings. Dahlia did a very good job pushing the stroller. I think Gregory was chewing on some mulch the whole time.

At the lake having a much needed water break. She isn't sunburned. She's just flushed from all the playing. He had water too, but I didn't want him to throw his cup in the water, so I took it away for the picture.

There were some nice benches and gazebos to stop and sit. We also found an enclosed cabin/gazebo called the window on the lake. There were benches in front of the windows and an island in the middle with pictures and info of all the animals that live in the park. Dahlia is pointing at a bird of some kind. We might have stopped to sit or let Gregory out of the stroller for a while, but at this point the kids were hungry and tired and fading fast.

So we finally found the playground and played until the trolley came back. At this park (only on the weekends) you park down the road and ride on a big open trolley to the park. It's only a five minute ride but Gregory was bouncing in my lap the whole way. I meant to take a picture of the trolley but shuffling two kids, a stroller, and a diaper bag by myself I forgot.
Here's a quick video of my newest toddler toddling.

And here's one more of both of them playing.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Long awaited Christmas Part 2

I know it's been a few weeks since Christmas. But we got a package in the mail from my brother and sister in law, with presents for us and the kids. So I remembered to take pictures of all the other gifts they got that weren't in the original Christmas post. (oooh my first link.)

When we came back from Nana and Bumpa's after Christmas we had a box waiting for us from Linda, John, and Cheri. Here's Gregory with a little car. The head lights light up and it makes engine noises. Very neat. I also like that it's soft rubber. He also got a dog that rolls and sings. They have a snail that is the same but I don't know where it is.

Here's Dahlia with her new favorite purse. She keeps her sunglasses in there. I would just like to point out that I don't own a purse or sunglasses and I'm a little jealous that my two year old is cooler than me. Also she has a Snap & Style Pet named Cheri. (yes Cheri Dahlia still remembers who you are). There was also a My Little Pony, but Dahlia decided it made a good car toy so I didn't go get it for the purpose of this picture. I'm lazy. I know.

The day after we got back Barry took the kids to his Aunt's. I got a lot of repacking done around here, and there was an 80's movie marathon on TV. They gave the kids their first Chanukah gifts and Barry brought me home some more of Aunt Dee's yummy cooking. I think I have all her tupper ware at this point. Gregory got some connectible planes, trains, and automobiles. A big hit with both kids. And a variety of little trucks, dump, ice cream, tow, ect.

Dahlia got a Snap and Style baby that I was storing until I could pack away some of the older toys, but I had to open for her once she saw it again. She still thinks taking a bath is a special treat. I tell her at the end of the night that if she cleans up all the toys she can take a bath and brush her teeth. So she really likes giving a bath to the little baby. There is also a dog grooming toy, with two dogs, and a carrier. I think some rubber duckies are going to get retired, so I can open some more Christmas toys for them.

Last but not least, the package from Uncle Ben, Aunt Kellie, Amelia, and Liam. The kids both got two shirts, a pair of pants, a book and a toy. Gregory loves his little trains and I read him the book a few times too. He just didn't want to sit still for the photo. Sorry little buddy. That's why I put him in the cabinet for the other pictures. I know he likes it in there.

Dahlia loves her shirts. She was pretend reading her books to Gregory as soon as she opened them. Barry took a video of the kids and I opening all the presents from Ben and Kellie but it was too long and blogger couldn't handle it. I don't have any software to edit the videos. Dahlia also got a little Doodle Pro. I don't think she's put it down except to eat and sleep.

They sent some yummy Apply Butter and Strawberry Preserves that Kellis makes. And very nice gift cards for Barry and I, Barnes and Nobel for him and Michael's for me. They're having a 70% sale on yarn. THANK YOU!!!!! I will be sure to post what ever we end up getting.

Thank you everyone very much.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Put more fort in your day.

So this morning I made a fort for the kids. Not my best work I admit, I had a pretty sweet blanket fort in my dorm room senior year until someone puked in it. I still can't rule myself out on that mystery... Anyway, Dahlia was enjoying the Christmas lights until... bum bum baaaauuum.

Along came GREGORY THE DESTROYER. (ahhhhhhh flee in terror tiny imaginary villagers)

And he laid siege to fort Dahlia in a fiery explosion, and as her shrieks of defeat filled the air I said to myself
"I wonder if those lights are getting too hot?"

So the fort was short lived, but fun was has.

Also this morning I made some Chicken noodle soup. I think it could benefit from some celery if only to pretty it up a bit, but it smells great.

All in all I'm feeling very productive so far today. Maybe once the kids wake up from nap I'll try to evict the dishes that have been so rudely squatting in my sink.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Guess what I did...

There's nothing like a self haircut to liven up your day.

Sorry there's no before photo. Let's just say there was too much of it and I did not have the time to take care of it. This is so much better already.

Good enough.

Kids and Cups.

Ok people. I love my children, but let's have a moment of honesty here. My son is a HAND FULL. I'm not talking little A cup at Mardi Gra handful. It's more like drunk double D's that attack people's faces at partys. This boy gets a bath twice as much as his sister because this is what he looks like almost every night after dinner. He could be an extra in Brave Heart with this face.

Also he gets into EVERYTHING! It's as if he can smell folded laundry and is drawn to it by unseen forces. Now that walking is old news, climbing is the new extreme sport. I'd have a heart attack but he never falls.

And can we please talk about his overwhelming need to be held at all times. I thought once kids learned to walk they were off and you had to wrestle hugs from them. Now I know babys need love and I give all my cold heart can squeeze out. But he cries like he's on fire and being eaten while he burns until I pick him up. I would normally be strong and break him of this but I'm worried what the neighbors might think.

Which is why I'm typing this with one hand and rocking him in the other. Because I wuv him. At this point I would like to remind you all that I love him very much, I just don't seem to remember Dahlia being this much work at his age.

And now she's just so helpful (when she's not beating up her brother which is every waking moment). Here she is helping me clean while the boys were out for a drive.

New topic.
I like to drink a lot of water. I don't like to do dishes. I also don't like to waste. So I have a plastic cup that I reuse for water. But I have to label it somehow so I don't put milk in it. This is where my Sharpie comes in. I call this segment:
Cup of the Moment.
Please contact me if you have ideas for upcoming cup labels for me.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A day in the life...

A real conversation between my husband and I:

Barry: Could you do me a favor and wash some of the utensils while you're over there.

Me: You mean right this second?

Barry: Well, yeah...right after you're done cutting that sandwich with a plastic spoon.

Me: (trying not to laugh) I think I could manage that.

Happy Anniversary Honey!!