Monday, March 16, 2009

Downtown Disney with the Levys

This Saturday Barry and I took the kids to Downtown Disney with his Aunt Dee and Uncle Andy and their kids. Here's all the chaos captured in one photo. Left to Right Top to Bottom: Pooh Bear, Sarah, Dahlia, Mathew, Tigger, Becca, Piglet, and Gregory. Dahlia was very concerned that the other children weren't sitting. Gregory just chilled in his stroller all day.

Here's Dahlia giving Pooh's tummy a kiss while Sarah feeds him her tasty fingers.

We had a great lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe. I wish this was the face she made every time the lights went out and the whole place broke out in fake thunder and lightning. She was a little uneasy when that happened. And she did not like the big Gorillas on the way to the bathroom one bit. All he did was blink at her! My child is terrified of animatronics. I hope she grows out of it.

These two were inseparable all day. They rode the Carousel together later. Sadly my camera (read: husband) was MIA so I didn't get any photos.

I think Sarah was pleased to be counted among the "big kids" for a day. She'll have a little baby to play with too soon enough. (I mean mine.)

Dahlia hanging out at the Lego table. Mostly getting frustrated but happy to show off her progress none the less.

He was such a good boy all day. Thankfully he's still at an age where all the visual stimulus is enough. Just keep him moving and give him stuff to look at. It won't last much longer.

Dee brought some presents for me and the kids. Mine was a big bag of yarn. I'm still sorting through it and a photo will come soon. The kids got some nice books, some Legos, and a stuffed animal each. Dahlia LOVES this little dog. It plays Christmas music and she's taken to bed every night since she got it.

Gregory was tickled blue (it's the giddy color for men) over the Legos as well as the bucket they came in. He fills it with everything from Legos to his cup, to my phone (little pick pocket), just to dump it all out and start over.

Even though we were pooped from Saturday, Barry and I braved the park with the kids Sunday morning. Here we are waiting for the trolley. Gregory climbed up there all by himself and is relishing in his spoils.

We brought Dahlia's bike and Gregory's car for a change of pace. It kept them happy while we waited for the trolley, but they lost interest once they saw the swings. Hopefully there will be a place for them to play outside in the new apartment. Yes the big move is this weekend. I'm supposed to be packing all week in my spare time (what's that?), and turning on the utilities.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Birthday and Hide and Seek

Yesterday was my birthday. Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I got a very nice package from my Mom. She sent me some cute "Knitting Girl" socks, a Ritz Camera card so I can make some photos, and a cake decorating kit. I can't wait to use it.

Dahlia was crying because she wanted to be in the photo of my presents, so I took her picture too. I told her she had to smile so she forced one out. She's really over tired. She woke up last night and would not go back to sleep.

Gregory wanted in on the action too. He thought it would be a good idea to push the chair over and try and climb up on the bed that way.

Not really a present but it did make my day. I got this Lion Brand Yarn catalog in the mail. There are a lot of great pictures of patterns that are available online. And in the back is all the yarn they sell. Wow. I've been drooling over the pictures ever since it came.

And in keeping with our random videos, here's Dahlia playing "where's Dahlia?".

I will most likely find those shoes when I go to bed tonight.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Babys and swings and turtles oh my.

I'd like to start by saying "sorry I know it's been a while. I've been sick for a couple of weeks". I had a cold that turned into pneumonia and while at the hospital my pee revealed that I'm pregnant. So it's been a busy few weeks. Before my cold took a turn for the worse I went to lunch with the kids and Linda, John, Cheri and Nana. They had been visiting Grammy and Ray and came to see us on their way to the airport. Dahlia had a blast with Cheri and her phone.

Gregory enjoyed the company and the food.

Here he is enjoying his and his sister's food. This has become the norm at dinner time.

So this last weekend was my first big venture out. The kids and I went to the park Saterday and Sunday to make up for being cooped up all this time.
I finally took a picture of the trolly we ride to get to the park.

The highlights for this trip were the turtle we saw on our walk and Dahlia's first time on the big swings. Very exciting.

Gregory climbed up a very steep staircase to the big kid's slide, but I was too busy spotting him to snap a picture. That child is going to give me a heart condition.

Here's a little video of the kids swinging. Sorry if it causes any nausia.

Lastly I would like to take a poll. Should we find out the sex of our new family member or wait till they are born?