Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween lasted four days this year. Take that Christmas!

Last week Barry and the kids met up with a friend of ours with a little boy Dahlia's age at Bonker's. It's an indoor play place, and they had a Halloween party day. They had crafts for the kids. The baby and I stayed home, while the big kids got pushed around by bigger kids. I think we'll skip that scene next year.

I couldn't tell you what they're making, because it never made it home.
Gregory was not interested in a costume that day.

Friday we went to the Halloween party at Ocean Edge. It's just down the street, it only cost $3 per person and it was catered by Starbucks. Hello!

That day Barry's mother had found Gregory the perfect costume. For those of you just now emerging from your rock, he's Woody the cowboy from the Toy Story movies. Imogen is a chicken and Dahlia is a "Barbie princess" She kept correcting people all weekend.

They painted pumpkins, made bracelets and watched a magic show. This is our second year going to this event and we'll probably keep doing it. The kids had a blast, and parents watched their kids, which happens less at indoor play places.

This is how much he loved that outfit.

Saturday we went to see Nana and show her the kids' costumes.

Howdy partner.
They brought her the pumpkins they painted the night before.

I think he's going to be getting his own Mr. Potato head soon. He finds that thing within minutes of walking into that house.

After we visited we ran to the grocery store and saw that they were having a little activities table for kids and a costume contest. Since we were there and they were already dressed up we hung out for a bit. No pictures of that though.

And then there was Halloween. We swung by my mom's to say "hi" and so her and Bill could see the kids (minus a sleeping baby in the car). Then we met up with Barry's brother and we went around their neighborhood with some of their friends and their kids. It was wicked cold and windy that night so the baby and I turned back early, but Barry stayed out with the kids. They had fun, got a good haul and I've been eating it all ever since.
Happy Halloween Everybody!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

October so far...

Happy October!

New in the Viprino household; Gregory has started potty training. A little later than Dahlia, but I feel like he's finally ready.I gave him this real estate magazine and he asked me if I had anything with cars in it.
He settled for a home theater one, and told me he wanted all the phones (remotes controls).

And then my little miss turned one last week.
I think everyone should be this much in awe of a tray of cupcakes.

Mom Tip # 42: Q-tips are great for getting frosting out of baby's noses.

This was a cute crown/card from Grandma and Grandpa Bill. They had us over for a delicous dinner and the carrot cupcakes you just saw.

Dahlia and Gregory were only too happy to help Imogen open her presents. And she was only too happy to let them.

This sweater was Gregory's and now it fits Iggy. And it matches her adorable new boots from Auntie Lindsay and Uncle Patrick. Thanks guys.

She's started pushing Greggy's car toy around the grass when we go outside.
Happy Birthday my little baby girl. You really are becoming your own little person I love watching it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


My kids are getting huge. Maybe they grew a lot this Spring/Summer but I think it might have just happened overnight. I'm having the water tested.
Let's start with the baby.
She's mastered feeding herself. And she'll eat anything!

She plays like a big kid. That means throwing toys everywhere!
She giggles a lot.
She got a new sippy cup yesterday. Starting to phase out the bottle.
She even has her own sense of style. It's a little "Flock of Seagulls", but she works it.
Now for the boy...
He's already a little bean pole. His doctor says he'll be tall and lean.
He loves playing baseball outside and insists we all call him "Good Papi".
He loves his sisters, but is still very much a boy. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever understand him. But I love him just the same. He's such a little gentleman. He insists on kissing me on both cheeks. How very European.
Maybe it' just the turtleneck... doesn't he look taller?

And last but not least my first born...

She loves to practice her letters everyday. I'm convinced she'll have taught herself to read by the time Kindergarten starts next fall. She looks so Grecian with her curls.

Friday, August 27, 2010

August in Review.

Yeah I know I haven't posted in a long while.
Here's what you missed.

Dahlia had a birthday, that seems to be neverending as gifts come from all corners of the country. I keep trying to tell Gregory that when it's his Birthday everyone will make just as much of a fuss. Don't make a liar out me!

We got her this sweet little outdoor table set.

My mom took me and the (bigger) kids to Friendly's and then to see Toy Story 3.

They loved the whole day.
My husband's grandfather died on the 6th. We had his funeral on Dalhia's birthday, so I'm glad we were able to celebrate on another day(s).

Rest in peace Ray. You will be missed by many.

In other news, one of my best friends growing up got married and I was able to (with a lot of help from my friends) get to and from Boston to be there for her. I had a great time, and got sloppy drunk.
And that was August.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well I was going to do Christmas in one big blog, but I still have pictures to upload from days six and seven.

Christmas was long this year and big, so this post will also be long...and it's pictures will be BIG.
Day one.

Christmas Eve.

The children and I arrive at Nana's house around ten in the morning. I set up my Christmas tree for the party that night and kept the fire going all day. Here's the kids opening their big holiday train.

I moved the tree to this table and set up the train around it that night when we got home. Luckily I had already wrapped presents because I was pooped. But it was a marathon not a sprint...

Day two. Christmas.

Barry's mother joined us for presents Christmas morning.

The kids got a Leap Frog Tag Junior and little kiddie digital cameras.

There was an unavoidable Princess theme this year. I've moved past bargaining into acceptance I think.

Then it was off to Josh and Julie's for a huge Christmas dinner and all around shin-dig. Bumpa's tuna fish dip has Gregory's double dipping seal of approval.

This wasn't a present but Dahlia was having such a blast rocking out like "Hannah on Tanna"

Then Christmas exploded. I don't know who gave what but thanks for everything.

Day Three. Even MY excitement for the holiday was waning at this point.
Day three brought dinner at Mom and Bill's and more presents.

By now, my kids are pros at the opening.

Reading a new book all together on the couch. It's about belly buttons so naturally there was a lot of giggling.

We wisely got all the kids into their new Christmas jammies for the ride home. And snapped a quick family photo. Hot damn. Look at all those kids.

Then I raced home and put the kids in bed for Barry and took the baby to a Yankee swap at a friend's. I think at this point I'm just punishing myself to see how much Christmas I shove down my own throat until I resemble the fat man from Monty Python's Meaning of Life before his wafer mint.

The next night was yet another Yankee Swap at the Alvin's. It seems like I get a lot of pictures of Gregory eating. But in my defense, he seems to eat non-stop at party's such as these.

And there was dancing and music, good food and great people and another car load of presents for the kids. Thank you all.

And who ever picks the "special" number gets to swap with anyone but me!