Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Long awaited new photos.

I finally found the box with my camera cable, so mom please stop sending me death threats. Here are lots of new pictures of your ever changing grandchildren, among other things.

Here are a few shots of our new apartment, before we moved in and threw toys everywhere.

And here's what it looks like now, most of the time.

This is the newest addition to our family. We got him from the used car dealership where we got our van. Formally known as Black, we changed his name to Methos and are taking him to obedience school. So far there has been a big improvement. He was originally in a dog fighting ring before his job as a night guard at the car lot. Now he is a full time BFF to Dahlia. Gregory is taking his time getting close.

I got a great Birthday present in the mail from my sister. It's a knitting bag and needle/hook holder. Here it is closed and open. Click to check out the great fabrics. She got it on from Slipped Stitch Studios.
I love it!

Here are the adorable Easter clothes my mom made and sent for the kids, along with the complete first season of Fraggle Rock. We all have been watching that and getting a kick out of it. Dahlia seems determined to learn all their names.

Also for Easter we went to see Grammy and Ray. Linda, John and Cheri were staying with them too. The trip up there was a car nightmare, but it's late and I don't really want to get into such a depressing story. More cute clothes, thank you everyone, and Easter baskets too.
Here are the girls at Easter/Happy early Birthday Grammy dinner.
Giving hugs at the piano.
A somewhat nice family photo.
Our rental car came complete with someone else's sunglasses. Gregory was very pleased to have his own pair.