Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cards, a walk and a scarf

Yesterday the kids got some Halloween cards from their great grandparents.

Very cool. Loved the pumpkins.

See my pretty pumpkin.
I love paper. tasty tasty paper.
Then today we went for a walk. We had to bundle up a bit. It's starting to get a little breezy and cool. FINALLY!
She was crouching to make her baby doll walk. Very cute.
This really would have been better on video. Maybe next time.
Dahlia was nice enough to model my finished scarf for me. I sewed the squares together with a whip stitch and edged it with a single crochet.

Monday, October 27, 2008

There's a fair in the air...

Yesterday Barry and I took the kids and met up with Russ and Emily at the Minneola Fall Festival. It was in the big field at the playground we go to. Here's Gregory loving the swing.

Aunt Emily was nice enough to take Dahlia on all the rides. The ladybugs were a big hit.

Grandpa helping Gregory ride the duck.

The kiddie coaster was fun once, but a little rough to go on again.

Stay hydrated Gregory. Good boy.

The carousel was the clear favorite. Here's Grandpa holding on to Dahlia.

The morning after with her spoils.

It was a fun afternoon. I'm glad I took the time to drive back home and get my camera, so you all could see the fun that was had.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Git cho knit on.

Yesterday I got to go out with Jody (my mother in law), her sister Cheri, and my sister in law Emily and Dahlia. We went to the mall and to Michele's Craft Store. It was nice to get out of the house, and it was even nicer for Jody to buy me some yarn and thread for my sewing machine. I got my new treasures home and told myself I wouldn't start a new project until I finished what I was working on. I satisfied my need to play by winding my new yarn into balls. This is what I started. It's a knit scarf for my new little sister. It's a purple-green-white variegated yarn and I'm sure this pattern has a name but I'm just winging it.

This is my new yarn. The colors are a little off. But who cares because I taught myself to crochet granny squares! I'm going to sew them all together and do some edging and make myself a scarf.

These are super fun to make and pretty fast. I made these three in one night while I was learning, after half a bottle of wine. Not bad if I do say so myself. Here's a close up of one. The orange is a darker Terra cotta in real life.

I also got all my knitting in the mail from my mommy. So here is a sample of some other things I've made. The pictures aren't great but you get the idea. I've been having a lot of fun recently pairing up different yarns and knitting them as one.

Here's a purse I made. Just goofing around. I lined it with a black shirt I had. I don't like handles. I'm not sure if it's because there's two or if it's where they attach to the bag.

Another scarf. This one I used a light green wool through out and then alternated white and brown stripes with a really soft fuzzy yarn. I think this was left over from a scarf I made my sister.

Here's a better look. And I just like the detail in this picture.

This one is crocheted. It's black with a thin red decorative synthetic woven in. I made this for my friend Sara for her birthday (last June). But then they had a heat wave and I forgot to mail it. Sorry Sara. Maybe Christmas.

This is also crocheted and was also a Birthday present for my friend Alyson. Same story (their birthdays are a day apart). This one has that same fuzzy brown yarn mixed with a very bright orange. It's reminds me of Hagrid's hairy brown suit.

This is one of my favorite combos. I used a silver-blue variegated synthetic with a bright blue and a grey.

And for those of you who need their cute kid fix (you junkies) here.

She fell asleep during dinner in front of the tv.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My first Matza.

We had another lovely evening at Barry's dad's tonight. Jody and Emily made matza ball soup. I haven't experienced a lot of tradional Jewish food, it was very good. Dahlia however is getting more picky with age, and had Easy Mac. I think at this point she views "Gama's house" as a place of no rules so it's hard to get her to eat what we're eating when we're there. I'm more concerned with getting her to stop hitting her brother at this point. As long as she eats something I'm satisfied.

Emily has proved quite the capable helper when it comes to the kids. And they both love her. Here she is feeding Gregory.

Dahlia and Grandma looking a Pooh and Tigger online.

Gregory and Aunt Emily.

Monday, October 13, 2008

New toy

So the other day I got a very nice surprize early Christmas Present in the mail...

Isn't it beautiful. My wonderful mother, step father, sister and brother in law bought it for me. Alas I can only stare at and smile because I don't have any of my thread or fabric. So instead I will show whoever is reading this (but keeps forgetting to comment for the sake of my fragile new-blogger feelings) an old project from my old sewing machine.

I made this purse for a friend of mine's Birthday. I made it out of Dahlia's baby clothes. Jeans, jumpers, shorts. All denim and I broke a needle and my machine. But I really liked how it turned out.

The inside is a shirt that belonged to my grandmother that I always liked. And since Darcy (the friend) and I have the same phone I was able to make a customized phone pocket. Some day I'll have to make myself one of these. Right now the only purse I have is knit and not very sturdy. But since I usually have a diaper bag in tow I rarely need a purse.
I also started my first quilt. Also made from baby clothes. It's going to be for my daughter when she's in a twin sized bed (which will happen before I ever finish it). It's a rather large under taking. I dont' have any pictures. All I have is little piles of squares and rectangles. I'm saving Gregory's clothes too in hopes of making something similar yet more manly for him.
Now don't judge me. I'm sure there are naked babies somewhere that need these clothes. But I passed on a lot of Dahlia's clothes to my friend's sister for her little girl. I only kept 0-9 monthes. Plus a lot of it was handme downs from other baby's and was a little worn out. So they make great fabric, and it is recyling afterall.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sauce face and slider wildlife.

Every one loves a good messy baby face.
But if you look closely you can see his new tooth coming in on top.
Very exciting things happening in that little mouth.

Every night we are joined on the slider door by a fleet of tiny frogs.
This is a rare shot of one in the day time.
That's the screen door behind it for a size reference.

This is by far the largest one I've seen.
Dahlia and I call it "King of the frogs" followed by a hearty "YEAH".

I'm told by my husband that this is called a nole.
This one lives inside the door jam (outside though).
Very skitish.

God and bug enthusiests only know what this is,
but look it had a baby. Awwwwe...ewe.

Well I can sum up this post with three simple statements:

1. My son is very adorable.

2. Someone needs to come mow my lawn. aka: creepy-crawly-hoppy breeding head quarters.

3. I need to get out more.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gregory being a cutie.

"I think I have a pill problem.""Yeah, I'm going to call my sponser."

all natural and loving it. "I HAVE BALLOONS"
"Don't talk to me before my coffee"
(yeah he's giving me the finger)

Dahlia plays dressup.

I call this one: I can put on the baby's onesie... sort of.

And this one: Hollywood starlet in hiding, complete with purse sized pet.

(it's a bunny)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spiders and babys but thankfully no baby spiders.

And now for your viewing pleasure... One of my little spider friends. Yes that is life size. Back
and front. Ain't he cute?

Now for something really cute and slightly less crawly.
This weekend we went to Emily's eleventh Birthday Party at the
bowling alley. The kids had a great time.

Dahlia was a little too small for the ten pin but that didn't stop her from
trying to help daddy get a strike.

Pizza AND cake. I could get used to this.

And what a pretty cake it was.

Did I mention there were balloons? Or as Dahlia screams it "BOOONS"

Greggory had a good time too. Lot's to look at and he even got to

chew on some pizza crust.