Friday, October 10, 2008

Sauce face and slider wildlife.

Every one loves a good messy baby face.
But if you look closely you can see his new tooth coming in on top.
Very exciting things happening in that little mouth.

Every night we are joined on the slider door by a fleet of tiny frogs.
This is a rare shot of one in the day time.
That's the screen door behind it for a size reference.

This is by far the largest one I've seen.
Dahlia and I call it "King of the frogs" followed by a hearty "YEAH".

I'm told by my husband that this is called a nole.
This one lives inside the door jam (outside though).
Very skitish.

God and bug enthusiests only know what this is,
but look it had a baby. Awwwwe...ewe.

Well I can sum up this post with three simple statements:

1. My son is very adorable.

2. Someone needs to come mow my lawn. aka: creepy-crawly-hoppy breeding head quarters.

3. I need to get out more.

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