Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cards, a walk and a scarf

Yesterday the kids got some Halloween cards from their great grandparents.

Very cool. Loved the pumpkins.

See my pretty pumpkin.
I love paper. tasty tasty paper.
Then today we went for a walk. We had to bundle up a bit. It's starting to get a little breezy and cool. FINALLY!
She was crouching to make her baby doll walk. Very cute.
This really would have been better on video. Maybe next time.
Dahlia was nice enough to model my finished scarf for me. I sewed the squares together with a whip stitch and edged it with a single crochet.


Debbie said...

How is it possible that these children get cuter each and every day??

(Nice sweater Gregory!!)

Geggy said...

Thanks gama.

Lindsay Jean said...

Look at the eyelashes on these two - what a pair! Your scarf turned out beautifully, Boodles! It matches my living room.