Monday, October 13, 2008

New toy

So the other day I got a very nice surprize early Christmas Present in the mail...

Isn't it beautiful. My wonderful mother, step father, sister and brother in law bought it for me. Alas I can only stare at and smile because I don't have any of my thread or fabric. So instead I will show whoever is reading this (but keeps forgetting to comment for the sake of my fragile new-blogger feelings) an old project from my old sewing machine.

I made this purse for a friend of mine's Birthday. I made it out of Dahlia's baby clothes. Jeans, jumpers, shorts. All denim and I broke a needle and my machine. But I really liked how it turned out.

The inside is a shirt that belonged to my grandmother that I always liked. And since Darcy (the friend) and I have the same phone I was able to make a customized phone pocket. Some day I'll have to make myself one of these. Right now the only purse I have is knit and not very sturdy. But since I usually have a diaper bag in tow I rarely need a purse.
I also started my first quilt. Also made from baby clothes. It's going to be for my daughter when she's in a twin sized bed (which will happen before I ever finish it). It's a rather large under taking. I dont' have any pictures. All I have is little piles of squares and rectangles. I'm saving Gregory's clothes too in hopes of making something similar yet more manly for him.
Now don't judge me. I'm sure there are naked babies somewhere that need these clothes. But I passed on a lot of Dahlia's clothes to my friend's sister for her little girl. I only kept 0-9 monthes. Plus a lot of it was handme downs from other baby's and was a little worn out. So they make great fabric, and it is recyling afterall.


Lindsay Jean said...

It's a gorgeous purse! I especially love the swank stripey lining.

I wasn't forgetting to post, I was punishing you for not liking my dress. Punk.

Anonymous said...

you are so crafty and have cute kids too!

Jody said...

that comment was you mother in law (your new one)

Debbie said...

I love your new toy!! Can't wait for you to get to use it. I'll try to find thread and such in the boxes I have here.

I read your blog everyday but don't always have time to comment. Keep those posts coming!

Love - Mom