Friday, October 17, 2008

My first Matza.

We had another lovely evening at Barry's dad's tonight. Jody and Emily made matza ball soup. I haven't experienced a lot of tradional Jewish food, it was very good. Dahlia however is getting more picky with age, and had Easy Mac. I think at this point she views "Gama's house" as a place of no rules so it's hard to get her to eat what we're eating when we're there. I'm more concerned with getting her to stop hitting her brother at this point. As long as she eats something I'm satisfied.

Emily has proved quite the capable helper when it comes to the kids. And they both love her. Here she is feeding Gregory.

Dahlia and Grandma looking a Pooh and Tigger online.

Gregory and Aunt Emily.


Debbie said...

Gamas are for spoiling don't ya know. And this sweet pea has a bunch of Gamas!!

Anonymous said...

Emily loves being Aunt Emily and gamma loves being gamma.

Jean said...

Great family pics.....when kids are her age, mac and cheese is the best meal ever!