Thursday, January 8, 2009

Put more fort in your day.

So this morning I made a fort for the kids. Not my best work I admit, I had a pretty sweet blanket fort in my dorm room senior year until someone puked in it. I still can't rule myself out on that mystery... Anyway, Dahlia was enjoying the Christmas lights until... bum bum baaaauuum.

Along came GREGORY THE DESTROYER. (ahhhhhhh flee in terror tiny imaginary villagers)

And he laid siege to fort Dahlia in a fiery explosion, and as her shrieks of defeat filled the air I said to myself
"I wonder if those lights are getting too hot?"

So the fort was short lived, but fun was has.

Also this morning I made some Chicken noodle soup. I think it could benefit from some celery if only to pretty it up a bit, but it smells great.

All in all I'm feeling very productive so far today. Maybe once the kids wake up from nap I'll try to evict the dishes that have been so rudely squatting in my sink.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think you are getting all this energy from leaving all your hair on the floor!! It must have been dragging you down!!

I remember all the forts you guys had. All over the livingroom furniture!! Good times!

Love you.