Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a week...

I'll start with the good stuff and work my way down the endless spiral of rotten.

I took the kids with me to Michael's last weekend to use my gift card. I got lots of yummy yarn. Mostly fallish tones. I'm enjoying this color scheme right now.

But since my yarn stash is overstepping it's one-plastic-tote constraints. I swore a solemn oath to not touch my new treasures until I finished all my other projects. This involved weaving the ends in on a few scarves. I also added tassels to this little number.

And finished a hat I had been making for Barry.

Next up is making the matching arm warmer to Ms. Fuzzy.

I made this out of a bunch of scrap browns, oranges, and greens. It has an ivy and leaves pattern that's a little hard to see through the fuzzier yarns. After this set is complete I'm going to try it again in the new variegated fall yarn I got.
So that was the good stuff and now...
On Wednesday Barry came home from work with flu like symptoms. When he woke up Thursday morning he couldn't breath and was taken to the hospital. The last time this happened they said his lungs were filled forty percent with fluid and he had chronic bronchitis. This time the EMT told me as they were leaving that there was no fluid in his lungs and he didn't have a temperature. On the trip there he heard them give a code over the radio that he was fine and faking it. So they sent him to triage with all the other runny noses. The first doctor that checked him out rushed him back to the ER because his lungs were 80% filled with fluid and he was drowning. Later we found out it was that EMT's first day. I'm ok with people needing to learn but it never hurts to double check the new guys work!! So after some breathing treatments to break up the fluid, Barry came home. He has pneumonia and needs to rest. Thanks to his family we got him the medicine he needed. Thank you! He's been getting a lot better and then...
Yesterday morning Dahlia woke up coughing. I got her a sip of water and laid her back down. Then I heard more coughing and it was the kind that leads to messy. So lets just say I need to wash her pillow case and her baby's clothes, but she figured out to lean over the toilet. This continued about every ten to twenty minutes until I got her to the hospital and they gave her a little anti-nausea pill, and some Gatorade. Good as new.
Too long of a story sum up. Everyone has the mullygrubs = dishes and laundry starting to join forces and take over.
And now for something completely different.


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess Momma said there'd be weeks like this!!

Didn't I?????

Love you!

Lindsay Jean said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon - apologies to Dahlia, but my favorite is the picture of Greg in that hat.

Dee said...

The kids are adorable in your handiwork! Love Dahlia with the Newsweek magazine! My kids could use some knit hats in their sizes!