Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The park.

This last weekend the kids and I went to the park to give Barry a little quiet time to study. I believe the name of it is Lotus Lake Park? We've been there before for the playground, but this time I decided to explore the trails a little. After about a half hour I thought we might not see civilization again.

She is getting so big.

So is he. I love this picture.

I thought this was just a bridge but it's a board walk the goes all through the park. Me thinks it's to keep the gator related casualties low. Once we got closer to the lake there are railings. Dahlia did a very good job pushing the stroller. I think Gregory was chewing on some mulch the whole time.

At the lake having a much needed water break. She isn't sunburned. She's just flushed from all the playing. He had water too, but I didn't want him to throw his cup in the water, so I took it away for the picture.

There were some nice benches and gazebos to stop and sit. We also found an enclosed cabin/gazebo called the window on the lake. There were benches in front of the windows and an island in the middle with pictures and info of all the animals that live in the park. Dahlia is pointing at a bird of some kind. We might have stopped to sit or let Gregory out of the stroller for a while, but at this point the kids were hungry and tired and fading fast.

So we finally found the playground and played until the trolley came back. At this park (only on the weekends) you park down the road and ride on a big open trolley to the park. It's only a five minute ride but Gregory was bouncing in my lap the whole way. I meant to take a picture of the trolley but shuffling two kids, a stroller, and a diaper bag by myself I forgot.
Here's a quick video of my newest toddler toddling.

And here's one more of both of them playing.

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Anonymous said...

These little guys are getting cuter by the day! And so much fun to watch!!

Thanks for the update...

Love you.
Miss you.