Wednesday, December 31, 2008


First up is a slightly belated birthday present for Gregory from Gama and Bill. It's sounds like a steel drum, and there's three small instruments that Dahlia is modeling in a very Vanna like fashion, which all fit inside the bottom of the drum.

So far there has been a lot of standing on it, but thankfully no injuries.

Now for Christmas Gama and Bill bought the kids some nice toys. Dahlia got a Wonder Pets toy which she loves and will scream bloody murder if Gregory so much as looks at her while she's playing with it. Gregory got a singing/talking tool bag with tools, that incidentally he is more than happy to share with his sister.

Also purchased with the generous gift card from my mother... four of the green totes (already being put to use, this one holding most of my yarn), 120 diapers, a set of plastic drawers for clothes, two pairs of pants for me, some multi-vitamins again for me, the new Metallica CD for Barry, and some slippers for Barry.

Thanks Mom. Thanks Bill.

Next we have a (sideways) video of Dahlia opening her present from my sister "Aunty Winzee" and Patrick. I couldn't figure out how to turn the video the right way. So sorry, tilt your head.

I wanted to take videos of the kids opening all the presents that they got in the mail, for the people who sent them. But it takes up so much memory on my camera, and Dahlia's really slow so that would get a little boring. But here's one more of her opening her brother's present from Auntie Lindsay and Uncle Patrick.

Here they are with all their loot. They also got a rugby ball (?) that unzips into a kiwi bird (?) in a Popple like way, that Patrick brought back from New Zealand.

We'll pretend he's singing here.

On Christmas eve we went to Barry's grandparent's. They live about four hours away and the traffic was terrible. I made a retarded Santa hat for the occasion. It's g-normous in a one size fits all kind of way, and it's too short, so it looks more like an elf hat. I was glancing at a pattern when I made it but I didn't follow it.

And some photos of us on Christmas morning. Gregory got an ambulance.

Dahlia opening a present.

Gregory got some new shoes.
Now this is Christmas.

It's a Cars car. Very cool.

Dahlia showing off her new baby with diaper bag, travel bed, and play mat. As well as modeling some new clothes.

Ray's son and his wife, kids, and wife's parents came over for Christmas dinner. We had pork and sour kraut. I guess it's the traditional Swiss Christmas dinner. Catiline's parents are from Switzerland. It was so good. Ray drained the regular brine from the kraut and cooked it all in the slow cooker with some wine. I had seconds and thirds.

Any way. They were so nice and brought the kids some presents and some fancy hot cocoa for me and Barry. The first one is Dahlia's "oooh" face.

I call this one "Fun with hats"

And giving Nana hugs goodbye.

We also got a very generous gift card from my father. There's still some money left on it, but so far we've gotten ; two big blue totes, a rotisserie / convection oven, a set of dishes and two glasses, some cereal for the kids, some shoes for me (my sandals broke), and two DVDs for the kids. Wall E and Tinker Bell.

Thanks Dad and Carol!

We also got some nice presents in the mail from Linda John and Cheri. I have not had a chance to take pictures of them yet. As well as the kids first Chanukah presents from Aunt Dee and the gang. But again more on that later.

So come back to see Christmas part two.


Lindsay Jean said...

I love the videos, and they look so cute in their outfits! You are on the money with the rugby/kiwi popple. It's the symbol of their rugby team in NZ.

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks so happy! We miss you all!!

Happy New Year!
Love - Mom & Bill