Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A long winter's nap...

When planning to hibernate, it's important to remember to eat plenty of food.

You have to store up enough body fat to sustain you for the whole winter.

It also might help if the food made it in your mouth, rather than trying to absorb it though your skin.

Be sure to have a your nest or cave ready, with blankets, pillows, and a snuggley friend.

This will optimize your hibernation experience.

You also might benefit from building a protective wall. This will keep out any non-hibernating animals who wish to steal your snuggley friend or simply play.

And just like any period of sleep be it long or short, the young ones will be the first to rise, looking for more nourishment. Be sure to have something ready to satisfy, so everyone else can get back to their precious sleep.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you could write a children's book with all your research!!

Love you!
Miss you!

Jean said...

Such cute pix of cute kids. You are right, Lindsay's quilt it awesome.