Monday, December 8, 2008

Still not dead...

Hello again avid readers. I apologize for the lapse in blogging. Our Internet was hijacked by the man and held for ransom. But we showed them, we packed up everything we could and moved all four of us into a hotel room where the Internet is included. And it's faster Internet so take that "MAN". But seriously. We did move or down size a bit, and I'm feeling pretty good about it. It's a nice room and we have everything we need. With the one exception of that woman being led out the hotel on an S. and M. leash last night, everyone is really nice and there are some families with kids. So back to why we're all here, cute pictures of my kids.

The day before Thanksgiving the kids and I went over and made cookies with Jody and Emily. They were nice enough to provide most of the ingredients, and here's Dahlia cleaning up the extra flour on the counter by applying it to her face. Good job Dahlia.

Thanksgiving morning brought breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Barry's grandparents. They had come down the night before and stayed over for some time with the kids. Gregory ate like a pig and did not stay clean for long.

I have to toot my own horn here. I did a really good job on her hair that day. All that practice on Barbie is really starting to pay off.

The boy loves his biscuits.

Maybe it was the eggnog but for some reason this is the only picture I took at Thanksgiving dinner. I hang my head in shame.

And lastly a shot of my pesky child playing in my yarn again. I would almost prefer a cat because when they have had enough they can slip out and scamper off. Mine just gets tangled and cries. Oh well she's cute.

All right I hope you all had a good holiday. I would like to pose a question to the blog-isphere before I sign off.

As a stay at home mom of two I try to control my potty mouth. I have since come up with curse alternatives, but I'm always looking for new ones. What can I say I'm not very intellectually stimulated until my husband comes home.

So far I have in rotation


"Son of a Biscuit" and if I'm really P.O.ed

"Biscuits and Gravy"

So please leave a comment with your swear alternatives to add some fresh meat to my rotation and I could just use some audience participation.


Anonymous said...

My secretary is notorious for "son of a beesting" and Ive also heard "oh sugar"
Nicki B

Anonymous said...

Hey Meredith!

I miss you so big! The kids look great.

As for your list of G-rated expletives, please consider the following:

-sassafras, an oldie but a goodie

-If you've ever seen the movie Delores Claiborne" I believe she says at one point, "cheese and crackers."

-Another Kathy Bates movie (gotta Love her!), Misery, the term "cocka-doodie" is used quite frequently.

-I have personally always liked "Jiminy Cricket!"

hope this helps... Love you and miss you!!


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall "Razafrazim" as an alternative word.

I think your brother still uses it!!

Love you!

Lindsay Jean said...

Mom used to say Sugar and Christmas (separately, not as a joint invocation). I also read a few other "mommy-blogs" that cover this exact topic. My favorite from there was "marscaponing" from marscapone cheese.

Kellie said...

"Mother-hen" is one I use. Or you can call someone who cuts you off in traffic a "jack sauce". I'm sure I have more...I will jot them down when I get p.o.'d and have to come up with something. :) And yes...Ben still uses the razza. Hope all is well. Where can I send a package to you???