Monday, November 3, 2008

Nana and Bumpa

The kids got some Halloween cards from my mom in the mail on Saturday. Dahlia loved her pumpkin and kitty.

Gregory was intrigued.

Also on Saturday Barry's grandparents arrived from their drive down from the Cape. They live a few hours away from us here, but they got a hotel and we got to spend some time with them that night and Sunday morning.

We went out to Olive Garden. I'm very glad to be the farthest person from the camera in this photo. Dahlia always looks the best anyway.

Nana and her little girl.

Gregory eats gnash.

This is the next morning at Friendly's. Gregory's trying to have some milk, but it's a little colder than he's used to and the straw is proving less than helpful.

Dahlia is an expert at the straw.

"Here's egg on my face." haha

After breakfast we took Nana and Bumpa to the play ground we go to. Nana went down the slides with Dahlia, they had a blast.

She's a trooper.

The men hung out on the side lines. Gregory could swing all day.

Dahlia having lunch at her new Princess Table. She got it for her Birthday back in August, from Nana and Bumpa. They brought it down with them along with a lot of other great stuff. Thanks!

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Debbie said...

So cute! I loved the videos!

That Nana is a spry one!!