Friday, October 22, 2010

October so far...

Happy October!

New in the Viprino household; Gregory has started potty training. A little later than Dahlia, but I feel like he's finally ready.I gave him this real estate magazine and he asked me if I had anything with cars in it.
He settled for a home theater one, and told me he wanted all the phones (remotes controls).

And then my little miss turned one last week.
I think everyone should be this much in awe of a tray of cupcakes.

Mom Tip # 42: Q-tips are great for getting frosting out of baby's noses.

This was a cute crown/card from Grandma and Grandpa Bill. They had us over for a delicous dinner and the carrot cupcakes you just saw.

Dahlia and Gregory were only too happy to help Imogen open her presents. And she was only too happy to let them.

This sweater was Gregory's and now it fits Iggy. And it matches her adorable new boots from Auntie Lindsay and Uncle Patrick. Thanks guys.

She's started pushing Greggy's car toy around the grass when we go outside.
Happy Birthday my little baby girl. You really are becoming your own little person I love watching it.


Lindsay Jean said...

I love that last picture of Imogen - I may print a copy. So glad she had a good birthday!

Anonymous said...

We sure did have some fun. And for the record....I'm always in awe of a tray of cupcakes!!