Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend.

On Saturday we went to Dee and Andy's for a big Bar-BQ/multi-child Birthday party. We had lots of fun in the pool and even tested our comfort zones in the water. Here's daddy with his kids in their little floats.

Dahlia's comfort zone involved swimmies, a kick board and mommy holding her up. This girl does not like to get her face wet!! (wow I guess she kinda does look like me, I never really saw it.)

This one on the other hand... I had the two of them standing on a step right in front of me and I closed my eyes to rub the water out, I opened them and he was under water! Yikes! He just dives right in. He at least knows to hold his breath. (Dahlia tries to inhale the water) So he's our little water baby, but damn you gotta keep an eye on this one.

She heard someone talking about cake...

Me and my little man.

Sunday was pretty low-key. Barry made us breakfast (his eggs are better), but he let me serve so I could pretend I had made him a nice Father's Day breakfast. The kids and I had gone out on Friday to try and print a picture at Ritz for his desk at work but we went to the wrong mall and came home before we ran out of gas. Maybe we'll try again this week.
Also last night I went out to a knitting group. I heard about it at and last night was the first meeting. It was at a Starbucks in Winter Garden. About a half hour from here. I got lost and was very late, but I'm glad I went and I'm going to try and make a regular thing of it.
Met some nice ladies and it's just good for me to get out a little.


Anonymous said...

These photos are great. I'm glad you had a nice cool weekend. And that you got to your knitting group. Good for you!

Love - Mom

Lindsay Jean said...

The pool looked fun. I'm really excited for your knitting group! I want to hear more.