Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dahlia-pallooza Week Part One

Ok. Waaaayy behind on the posts. I know. Dahlia's Birthday was over three weeks ago. And a lot of things have happened since then. These are a few pictures I uploaded before the computer got packed up and we moved back to the Cape (yeah!).

More on all of that later. I'll try to go in order. First is the birthday cake I made for Dahlia. Not very fancy. I was playing with the letter stencils in my cake decorating kit.

Here's one of Gregory sporting a purple frosting moo-stash.

And my dainty Birthday girl forcing her pink cupcake into her face-hole.

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The first of many presents to arrive in the mail for Dahlia. This doll house from Nana and Bumpa made me a little green with envy.
1. I never had a doll house this cool when I was little.
2. I may never own a house this nice in my adult life.

....sometimes I play with it during nap time.

But here's proof that I let her play with it too. And she's been sharing very well with Gregory.

Uncle Josh, Aunt Julie and cousin Zoe sent some beautiful outfits from Old Navy. I think the butterfly shirt is my personal favorite. Dahlia prefers the pinky/orange dress in the middle.

I leave you with my ever growing belly to contemplate the gender of the beast within. Some people think they can tell based on how high or low your belly sits.
Fancy a guess?


Lindsay Jean said...

Baby Shim defies your attempts to guess!

Dee said...

I love the b-day pics of Miss Dahlia! She's such a big girl now, and lovin' that cupcake! Gregory looks dashing in his frosting moo-stash. And you look as beautiful as ever with your baby belly!