Monday, October 5, 2009

Back in my blog saddle.

Hello readers. I know it's been a while and I'm sorry to starve you of cute pictures of my children but things have been pretty crazy. They haven't really calmed down yet, but since we finally got Barry's computer online I can bring you all up to date. It may take a few posts, and it may be the quicky version so bare with me.

We left off with Dahlia's Birthday week long present opening extraaaa vaaa gaaaanzaaaa.
Here are a a few more. I really can't remember everything she got or who sent it at this point. But thank you every one. Dahlia loved all her gifts and getting all that mail didn't suck either.

At some point just before we left Florida the kids and I had another very nice stay at Russ and Jody's. Here's Mr Curly Q. riding a duck at the playground.

Also during that visit I showed Emily how to make friendship bracelets. Her excellent craftsmanship is displayed on top in a bracelet she made for Dahlia. Dahlia has it tied to the zipper of her Tinker Bell back pack. And the bottom one I made for Emily.

Another highlight of that visit was my first encounter with Lox. Very tasty. I even enjoyed it with the raw onion which is not something I'm usually a fan of.

A few days later everything came to a head and we made the decision to move back to Cape Cod. We are so happy to feel at "home" again (even though we aren't in a place of our own yet. more on that later), but we do miss all the family and few friends we met in Florida.

We all want to wish Ms. Emily a VERY happy twelfth birthday tomorrow. We are thinking of you and we miss you tons!

That's all I have time for today.

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