Friday, October 9, 2009

NH Haighs come to town and a few weddings.

Still trying to catch up on all the goings-on of the kids and I (and Barry). We've just been so busy that the list keeps getting longer.

Labor Day weekend (if I'm remembering correctly) my brother Ben, his wife Kellie and their two kids Amelia and Liam came for a visit. We only saw them for two days, but we packed a lot into those two days!

First we went to see them at Dad and Carol's house. We all went for a swim.
Then we all got dried off and dressed and got soaked some more at the beach.

It was low tide but they still found the water. To be fair, my kids were the only ones soaked. And there might be a pound or two of sand in the car (sorry unky Liam).

But they had a blast. It was Gregory's first time in the ocean. A Cape Cod Baptism if you will. I don't think he could get over the fact that I was letting him get so wet and dirty.

The kids all got a lesson from Barry about living animals and how we should leave them in the water. Of course as soon as we walked away from that spot some other kids came and scooped up the sand dollars he tried so hard to save. Such is life I suppose.

The next day they all came over to Mom and Bill's for lunch. They had some belated Birthday presents for Dahlia and some (really) early ones for Gregory.

He LOVES these blocks!

And she would wear this everyday if I let her. That dress sheds glitter, and for those of you who don't know I have an irrational fear of glitter (and hair butter but that's another story).

We do play with it, I just don't hug her while she's got it on.


They also each got some new books that Amelia was nice enough to read to them.
(That couch was covered in glitter for days)

After that we all walked down the street to the playground.

I think there's room for a third up there. Don't you?

Here's a video of my little man taking on the BIG slide. He did this quite a few times.
And that's it for that visit. We can't wait to see them again soon. Thanksgiving if I'm not mistaken.

For anyone who's hasn't seen me in a while, I wear a lot of bandannas. Mostly because I don't have the time or products to "do" my hair. So one morning the kids decided they wanted hats like mommy. And it turned into a pirate themed breakfast.


And then there is the stick mustache of course. My children have a multitude of disguises. Watch out!

Another time we went to a barbecue at one of Barry's friends' from high school. They had a little girl around Greggy's age. The two of them sat on the fireplace together and she fed him goldfish. It was love and first bite.

Also Barry's friend T.J. got married. We are so happy for them. It was a beautiful ceremony and day. Lots of kids running around. Lots of me sitting on my duff. This was about two weeks ago when the pregnant really started catching up with me. I have since become increasingly less mobile.

No she's not eating flower petals. Lily had just fed her a pepperoni slice. I wonder why other kids all think my kids need fattening up...?

Isn't she so cute in her new jumper?

And get a load of mister curls! We just got them a bunch of cold weather clothes. His are a little big, but he's due for a growth spurt so I'll keep pinning his pants until they fit!
He was so enthralled with this two week old baby. T.J.'s little brother Charlie who's big sister was born the same week as Gregory. Little fun fact for ya there.

Anyway it gave me a little hope for him for when his new brother or sister comes home.
But we'll just have to wait and see how that all plays out.

Then this past weekend our friend Darcy had her wedding. Dahlia was one of her flower girls.
Here they are at the beach getting their photos done with the photographer. She had so much sand in those little shoes.

And here's my little girl in action. All that practice the night before really paid off. Her first run she would pause for a few seconds and pick just one petal, but she kept up with Leah pretty well the day of.

The kids had so much fun dancing all night with everyone. I had to try and keep them off to the side during Darcie and Ron's first dance. They were being so sweet with each other, I didn't have the heart to break it up.

Greggy was not short on dance partners by any means. My little ladies man.

I hate that there's red eye in this picture, but it's so cute to see Daddy dancing with his little girl.

And what's a wedding with out cake?

Congratulations to all our newly coupled friends!

At the suggestion of my mother I'm starting a second blog to track the progress of our house and it's renovations. Look for a link soon.

I think my next post here will be a birthing story complete with (clean) baby pictures.

If you can't wait for that, then swing by the hospital this weekend and visit us.

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