Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In which brave Dahlia and Gregory ride TWO airplanes and our Cape Cod adventures begin.

We last left our tiny adventures in Florida. But very soon we packed up all our toys and books and watched them go on the big truck.
*For anyone who hasn't heard the nightmare that was our experience with Premiere Line Movers. I'll sum it up. They low balled the price on the phone to me on purpose. Then subcontracted the job out to another company owned by the brother of Premiere. They showed up late knowing we had a plane to catch. Jacked the price up and said if we didn't agree to the new price they were leaving. So we had to get the FL DA involved and lawyers and for a good week I thought I would never see any of our things again. But they did settle and finally deliver. And I hope we all learned a valuable lesson.

And if that wasn't enough... the second we got to the airport and checked our bags Dahlia threw up all over herself. It was very reminiscent of the trip down when she puked the first night in the car. Poor thing smelled like vomit all day. I guess crossing state lines is just too exciting for some people.

We missed our first flight and had to sit around for two hours and wait for the next one. Luckily Barry had his IPod and the kids had a dance party and an entire section of airport chairs to climb all over. Then we had to haul ass in Philly to make our connecting flight, only to find our flight was delayed due to some silly hurricane or some such nonsense. Here's Dahlia coloring at 11 at night with a little girl who only spoke Russian. Considering the whole ordeal that was that day the two kids kept it together pretty well.

Grampa Bill picked us up in Boston and brought our tired crew back to Gramma's house. We settled in there and stayed for a little over a month.
All our stuff got delivered there and we finally had more clothes and toys to keep the kids entertained. Barry hit the pavement looking for work and I got all our family things in order (ie. doctor's visits for me and the kids, health insurance).
We also visited with family and friends. Here we are at Nana and Bumpa's. I call this his James Dean photo.
Between the kid's they've been to Princesses on Ice, Edeville Railroad, the Zooquariam, and playgrounds a plenty. Not to mention a birthday party for Ron, a bridal shower for Darcie, a wedding for TJ and Krystal, and we're going to Darcie and Ron's wedding this weekend. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
This is my husband poking a Bobcat with a stick.... can we say good role model?
And of course there was lots of snuggling. Dahlia is also doing very well with her potty training. Even though we've moved on to Barry's mom's house she's still going strong. We're using a sticker reward system.
Tune in next time for a visit from the NH Haighs and pictures of our new house.


Debbie said...

It sure has been an adventure!!

Lindsay Jean said...

The kids look great! I love the James Dean photo, but I have to add that the last one must be your "Madonna & Child" photo.