Monday, November 2, 2009

Story time, haircuts and Halloween.

Dahlia tells stories now... it's pretty much always the same, but I love how serious she is about it.
Things have been pretty crazy here what with new baby and more diapers and less sleep. Dahlia's given up on potty training (at least for me that is), Gregory decided to turn two a little early this year, and all the TERRIBLE that's included with that. And sweet little Imogen likes to sleep all day and party all night.

Here they all are with Aunty Cheri. This is mere minutes before the umbilical cord tearing off incident. Long story short: it was awful! There was blood and tears. She has since been to the doctor and is fine. Perhaps there will be photos of her healed button soon

(it's almost 1st bath time)

So needless to say I haven't been jumping out of bed in the morning to dispense vitamins and cereal as promptly as I might have before the new addition. So one morning when I finally flopped out of bed this is the scene I stumbled upon in the hallway.
"It's cool mom, take your time. We're having a coloring party." (those words were never spoken, merely implied)

The other day Gregory got a long overdue haircut. He's even curls all over now, and looks just like me in college when my hair was growing out. Here he is getting a candy corn reward for sitting as still as anyone could really expect him to.

Friday night we went to Ocean Edge for some Halloween Crafts and games. Here are the kids with cousin Zoe eating some spooky cookies they decorated themselves.

And here's Dahlia in a Mummy wrapping contest with Zoe. She totally should have won, just as Gregory should have won for best costume (in his age group). But they judged by audience noise level and I guess we didn't bring a big enough cheering squad.

Then on Halloween we went over to Darcie and Ron's house and let the kids go around their neighborhood. It was kind of a bust, not many people handing out candy but they had fun and went right to sleep for Barry while I stayed at the party with Imogen.

Here's Dahlia dragging Uncle T.J. to the next house. She knew what was up. She'd been talking about trick or treating for days. The next morning she asked us if Halloween was over. Barry and I told her yes, it was. Her next question was "Is it Christmas now?"


Marisa said...

I haven't been to the mall lately, but something tells me it probably IS time for Christmas according to their decorations...

As always, thanks for sharing. Your offspring are adorable.

Lindsay Jean said...

They look very cute in their Halloween costumes - I'm glad they had a fun holiday!