Sunday, October 10, 2010


My kids are getting huge. Maybe they grew a lot this Spring/Summer but I think it might have just happened overnight. I'm having the water tested.
Let's start with the baby.
She's mastered feeding herself. And she'll eat anything!

She plays like a big kid. That means throwing toys everywhere!
She giggles a lot.
She got a new sippy cup yesterday. Starting to phase out the bottle.
She even has her own sense of style. It's a little "Flock of Seagulls", but she works it.
Now for the boy...
He's already a little bean pole. His doctor says he'll be tall and lean.
He loves playing baseball outside and insists we all call him "Good Papi".
He loves his sisters, but is still very much a boy. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever understand him. But I love him just the same. He's such a little gentleman. He insists on kissing me on both cheeks. How very European.
Maybe it' just the turtleneck... doesn't he look taller?

And last but not least my first born...

She loves to practice her letters everyday. I'm convinced she'll have taught herself to read by the time Kindergarten starts next fall. She looks so Grecian with her curls.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I still can't believe you've got three kids, but they are all super-cute. ♥
~~Sarah :)

Lindsay Jean said...

Great pictures and gorgeous kids!

Andi said...

They are all beautiful! And as for the boy...I still don't understand mine and they are almost 6. I don't understand my husband either sometimes. It's a boy thing!

Darcie said...

I love them all so much! I want to get in my car right now and drive over there to play with them all!!
Great pictures! ....We need to know more about Dahlia's happenings though!! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and children. Thanks for sharing!