Friday, July 3, 2009

Bikes, and Uncle Andy's Birthday.

Yesterday the kids and I took their respective wheely toys out to go get the mail. It was kind of a long trip if your scooting the whole way, so they were pretty worn out. Dahlia was trying her pedals but getting easily frustrated. I'm not rushing her.

We came across a little girl Dahlia's age. She was very interested in all the buttons on Gregory's car. And he was just sitting on it thinking he was quite the ladies man. It was very funny.

I used the promise of ice cream sandwiches to rally the troops during the home stretch. Surprisingly after all this fresh air (read boiling lung gas) and exercise they still didn't nap. They were too excited to see Aunt Dee and Andy and the kids.

They were staying in the area and dropped by for a visit. They also jumped the battery in the van. YEAH!!! Thanks guys!
They let us join them for Andy's Birthday dinner at a Chinese place in the Mall at Millenia.

Here we are trying to keep all our ducks in a row. It's mentally exhausting trying to keep tabs on all these little people, but it's totally worth getting together! The kids all had a blast playing with the toy explosion that is our apartment. I must say though that Matthew seemed very distressed that all the toys weren't neatly grouped together with those they went with. Me and you both buddy! I long for furniture and toy organization beyond diaper boxes.

The food was great! Despite me poisoning my husband with some sweet chili. (I didn't think it had orange in it. SORRY TEAM) My favorite had to be the little dessert "shots". The kids and Barry got Smores and I had Tiramisu.

Who needs cute spoons when you can eat the whole thing with your fingers? Dahlia spent most of the night singing and entertaining Andy, so I'm sure he had a very Happy Birthday. We had a great time as always.

My homework is to get a video of Dahlia singing. I also would love to get her "reading" one of her books. So I'm on it. Give me a few days.


Andi said...

Okay, this may sound like a load of crap - I didn't believe it when I heard it but it turned out to be totally true for my kids.

When a child figures out how to use the potty, regularly, they also figure out how to pedal.

My guys couldn't pedal a bike to save their lives until they were three - and potty trained.

Meredith said...

Very interesting. Maybe potty training builds some squatting muscles in the legs. Thanks for the tip.

Lindsay Jean said...

But how did the haircuts go down?

Meredith said...

He wasn't too happy. More upset that I forgot to save some of Gregory's for future baby booking. I told I'd go sweep the floor and see what I could come up with.

Dee said...

Love the pics! You're welcome for jumping the van battery. We had a blast seeing you guys and playing, and dinner was more fun with Dahlia's serenade.

Anonymous said...

I love the photos! I remember at camp having to count heads while you all were in the water....exhausting just counting to three...a million times!!!

Good times...good times!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics....

Meredith said...

oh camp... I miss it so much. Maybe because there's a little pond behind our building and I can always see the birds out our window.