Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Week in review.

Well these are to put any one's mind at ease who was worried about the state of toys in my kid's room (mostly just me but I felt the need to document it). It stayed clean for about two days with the promise of a visit from Grandma and Emily held over their little toy throwing heads.

It's not quite this pretty right now. But the basic system is still in place and will hopefully not take long to tidy up any more.

This is Dahlia's princess crown. It was in her goodie bag from the kids party at Dee's house which we forgot there and got from her when they came to visit. Dahlia's been wearing it ever since! She tenderly rests it next to her bed at nap and bed time only to happily shove it back on the second she wakes up. We've been out in public a lot with it too. Mostly just to the grocery store or to see daddy at work. She has now started to proclaim that it is her special magic crown and with it she gives magic kisses.

In other news I've been fighting the battle of stir-crazy-stay-at-home-never-do-my-hair-I have-no-life sickness, by finding things to do on So far I've found a knitting group that sort of fizzled out and I can't make it to any more because of Barry's crazy schedule and a couple of playgroups. The first one I tried was having a meet up at a community pool. When I got there (after getting really lost) I found a Summer Camp had over run the place for the day and the pool was closed to the public. So the kids and I played on the playground for about an hour until the tweens started trickling over there too.

Dahlia riding a purple dinosaur.

Gregory demonstrating the proper slide dismount I taught him.

I wasn't too worried about falling because the ground was covered in bouncy rubber. Like the floor at Lego Land in Downtown Disney.

A rare shot of Dahlia sliding down the slide. After her first sticky attempt in a dress it was all climbing up.

If you look in the back you'll see an teenager being a bad influence on my children.

Oh dear I'm so old.

Monday I had my first Dr's visit. (YEAH!!!!! finally I know) I'm on temporary health care but it should switch to permanent in a week or so. I got blood drawn and it's being tested for every STD known to man. weeee. as well as a few prenatal screenings I'm sure. In two weeks I go back for an ultra sound and another check up. I will not be finding out the sex of the baby, but if you want to know if I have gonorrhea, just ask.

Jody and Emily watched the kids all day for me while I patiently knitted in the waiting room. Thank you so much. I can't imagine if I had had them with me. Barry and I drove to pick them up when he got out of work and we ended up staying for dinner and all went out for ice cream (sorry no pictures I was slacking). It was a very nice unexpected visit.

This morning Dahlia came in our room around 5ish. Barry had already left and I was on the computer. She had peed through her jammies poor thing. So I changed her and gave her one of my T shirts to wear. It was so cute I had to take a picture. You can also see just how short her hair is now.

Earlier I was on the computer in the other room and noticed how eerily quiet it was so I went to check on the kids and this is what I found. Dahlia just looked up at me and whispered "I'm watching Barney". I guess the excitment of it all was too much for little Greggy.

So that's what we've been up to this week, more or less. I have been knitting up a storm but since it's all gifts for people online photos will have to wait. Also I did go to another Meet Up with a different play group on Sunday. It was a BarBQ at one of the women's houses. I brought deviled eggs and snicker doodles. It was fun, the kids had a blast and I think I'm going to keep getting together with them.


Anonymous said...

Emily and I had as much or more fun than the kids did .We LOVED our day together and you deserved one on your own!
Grandma (to the best 2 kids ever)

Dee said...

Wow! Their room was so clean! I can't believe it! The photos are adorable. I love that Dahlia is wearing her crown all the time.

Bliss said...

Hey Mama! Your kids are so beautiful. I love the pic of Dahlia and sleeping Gregory on the couch.
I'm sorry my money keeps running out before I manage to get the clothes in the mail. There's a bunch of nice stuff. Maybe I will send it little by little.


gary said...

I'm glad you're finding some social stimulation besides your family. I mean obviously you love your family and they love you, but it's nice to meet new people, especially when your friends are far away. And why shouldn't you meet new people? You're amazing and are so much fun. I miss you a lot!

I hope all continues to go well!


Marisa said...

Hello, lovely!

You must keep posting links to facebook, lest I forget to check on your blog.

I'm sending you the book I'm reading as soon as I am done with it. As you ARE outnumbered, you probably need it more than I do. Much love to you and the wee ones!