Thursday, July 2, 2009

Never Never Land will have to wait.

I gave the kids haircuts last night after their bath. Dahlia's came out a little shorter than I wanted but I forgot that curly hair shrinks when it dries. Oh well I can still put it up for her and it'll grow back fast. Plus she has some cute headbands I might start letting her wear now.

The hair close to her neck was always shorter. I didn't cut that very much. I'd say I took about 3 inches off the top layer. Whatever she's cute no matter what. Barry still hasn't seen it yet.

Gregory was not very interested in sitting still so his is a little choppy in places but he still has enough curl to hide any oopses.
I think he looks very dapper and much less like Peter Pan now. And there are still some curls in the back, so I hope Barry won't be too upset. He was very against the idea of hair cuts every time I brought it up.


Anonymous said...

Barry will love their haircuts!!

Love - Mom

Andi said...

LOVE the curls!