Monday, May 4, 2009

Hey look, twice in one month...

A day in the life of my oven. I'm not big on cooking so I don't know how this all happened in one day. I made blueberry muffins for breakfast for me and the kids. Barry got some the next day. Here they are checking on them.

Dahlia's very excited because I let her help (read stir) for the first time. So she is very anxious to see how they come out.

Then later that day I made a yummy roast with potatoes and onions. We need a baster to keep these things at their juiciest, but it was still very good, and the left overs were even better.

I call this series, topless/laundry day block building. Just the usual stuff we do to fill up our day.

They both reached for the same block but Dahlia is quicker. Sorry Greggy it's survival of the fittest in this house.

A little "My friends Tigger and Pooh" in the background to set the mood.

Oh jeeze. Time to put down the camera and break it up before someone gets hit in the head with a block. It kind of looks like Pooh looked up from what he was doing when she screamed.
"Oh Bother"

A mini day trip. We went to go check on our broke down van. It's still in the parking lot where we left it. We got the kids some donut holes on the way to keep everyone happy, and so Daddy could get some coffee. Here's Gregory's sugar-puss.

We felt the kids deserved a little out of the car time so we stopped at Toy's R Us on the way home. We got Dahlia some new sunglasses, because Gregory broke another pair. And because Daddy wants everything to be equal Greggy got his own pair too. But I've laid down stricter rules so hopefully they will last longer this time.

We also found them new chairs for their table. One of the princess chairs broke. Dahlia picked out Tinker Bell, and Gregory seemed to favor Handy Manny. All in all a fun little outing.


Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun is happening...

topless laundry day

muffins in the oven

new sunglasses

Where does the fun stop???

Meredith said...

At 4:00 when daddy isn't home yet, and Dahlia hasn't napped. That's when the fun leaves for the day.

Anonymous said...

Maybe fun is taking a nap!!