Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day...part one

5:14 am - I awoke to the girl. I could tell from the light coming through the window blinds that it was morning. But it seemed too early for her to be yelling "GEGGY WANTS YOU!". On any other day she would climb into the middle of the bed and wriggle around and kick us until the urge to get up and pet the dog overwhelmed her. But today was no ordinary day. No, today is Mother's Day.
5:16 am - I stumble into clothes.
5:17 am - I look at the clock over the oven as I walk by and let the irony wash over me.
5:18 am - I pee with one free hand, while holding the boy. His blanket is warm and bulky. His face is buried in it and I wish mine could join him.
5:20 am - I put in Aladin. They play "mommy's my favorite jungle gym", while I curl up on the floor with my daughter's pillow and blankets.
7:00 am - diapers and dressed
7:10 am - I administer the gummy-bear vitamins, red for girl. She must have red. The boy doesn't care or doesn't know the difference. It occurs to me that he has a very good chance of being color blind and I will have to love him anyway.
7:12 am - I dump small piles of generic cocoa puff cereal on the Princess table, and get last night's milk leftovers out of the fridge.
7:15 am - I put cinnamon rolls in the oven, and debate waking up my husband or risking the stomach ache of eating them all myself.
7:18 am - First round of nudging husband. Guilt him with story of my morning, and tempt him with warm cinnamon rolls.
7:42 am - There are three cinnamon rolls left in the pan. The children are sticky and playing quietly. Second round of husband nudging. Get dog out of room so he might eat the food he ignored the night before.
8:11 am - Husband emerges, children run to hug and kiss him. He has the girl come wish me a Happy Mother's Day. He suggests the same to the boy. He says "hi".
8:15 am - I invite the girl to come walk the dog. In her flurry to put on her shoes she pushes her brother over and into the coffee table.
8:17 am - I walk the dog while the girl screams in the corner and the boy sits with his father.
8:35 am - The children have "messed" themselves. I change their diapers, and wonder when I will get around to potty training the girl.
9:00 am - Husband piles children into car. They will most likely come back filthy, but happy. I am grateful.


Nanny said...

Before you know it they will be old enough to make you breakfast in bed, with Daddy's help of course:). Take a deep breath, it will happen I promise.

Dee said...

Just a few more years and they will make you breakfast! Mine did this morning, with a little help from Daddy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, sweetie. Take the sticky kisses and the messy diapers. Too soon they will be out on their own too far away to visit.


I love you.