Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer treats and making friends...

Well as some of you may have noticed we live in Florida now. Or as I like to call it, hell on the surface of the sun. Even when there's a nice breeze outside I just feel like God turned on his blow dryer.
So the kids and I have been trying to stay cool with some summery treats.

Here's Dahlia showing me the best way to savor a popsicle until it turns to soup. The trick is to just let your tongue touch it every 2 minutes or so.

And this was our Memorial Day Strawberry Short Cake for Lunch Celebration. Some days I just can't bring myself to make another "P and Jelly samich". And hey, it's got fruit... it's healthy.

This is a time I wish I had grabbed my camera five minutes earlier. Gregory was sitting in Daddy's lap watching the Red Sox and sharing an ice cream cone. Cutest thing ever. But I couldn't drag my eyes away to run and get the camera until it was almost gone.

Baby's first road rash.
In an effort to make my son a little more independent (as well as free up my hands a bit and save my back for early contractions) I'm trying to let him walk on his own more outside. So instead of being carried to the car he walks, and instead of me pushing him in a stroller to the laundry room he walks. You get the idea. I've even tried him out in a quicky grocery run. He's pretty good and doesn't touch too much. He's even holding hands in the parking lots. This is a photo of his first of I'm sure to be many boo boos caused by this new found freedom. He fell in the parking lot of our apartment complex.

Here we are killing some time in the kids section of Border's. This is Gregory's "cheese!" face.

Later they met a little girl named Olivia and instantly bonded over their mutual love for princess books and spinning in public. I love Greggy's face the most.


Lindsay Jean said...

Looks like they're having a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than friends and dessert!!

Love you!