Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day... part deux

We left off where Barry took the kids out for a drive so I could write a grumpy blog and take a nap. Foolishly I left my phone on and next to me in the bed. The first call I ignored and then listened to the message. Some little boy wishing his grandmother a Happy Mother's Day. I get a lot of wrong numbers on that phone. The second one was from Barry asking if I could be up in a few minutes to help him get stuff out of the car. My lips said yes, but my pillow was like "yeah right". So I got woken up with children being plopped on top of me. Which is how I wake up Barry most weekends. Greggy snuggle delivery. It washed away the whole ordeal of part one.

Then there were tasty treats and presents!

Barry took the kids to the book store and let them each pick out a book for mommy (from a selection that he laid out for them). What a good Daddy. The illusion of independence mixed with things mommy will like! Dahlia got me this book of cute patterns for baby hats. Great ideas and photos! I have already used it to make a little flower embellishment for another project. (photos later)

Gregory picked a book called Pints and Purls. It's a book of patterns sassy but simple enough to make while out with friends having a cocktail. It even rates the patterns difficulty from Designated Driver, to one drink-four drinks. As in how much of your wits do you need about you to pull it off. Very cute.

Here are all my books. Barry picked out a beautiful collection of fairy tails. I cried when he gave me this, because I've been wanting something like it to read to the kids. Each one has a different illustrator, and there are a few I've never heard of. So far I've read Beauty and the Beast to the kids at nap time. They were both asleep by the end, it was long but worth it. I would read to them at night, but there's no light in their room, and I'm usually in a hurry to get back to my supper.

Barry and I picked up this work bench at a second hand kids store. They love it. The whole table flips over and there's a little engine to work on on the other side. We have extra tools from other toys so everyone has a hammer and a screwdriver to hold.

Dahlia learned how to turn the hammer over and take the nails out. They go flying every time!

Gregory banging away. Very cute.

We also got them cheap bathing suits at that store (Once Upon a Child), and some floats at Wallmart. I took them by myself on Saturday to our development's pool. And then again on Sunday with Barry. Dahlia still does not like anything above her neck to get wet. Gregory kept dunking his own face (while safely in daddy's arms). Very funny to watch.
So it started out a little crappy, but all in all it was a very nice Mother's Day. I have a great little family and I love them very much.


Lindsay Jean said...

I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day! I'm excited to see the projects that come out of those books.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to share some of your favorite patterns with your Mother!!

Love the photos!!