Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Hats, Oh My!

Dahlia has discovered The Wizard of Oz. We bought the VHS for her at a used kids store and she's been watching it ever since. It this particular photo she is "off to see the Wizard" (although she sings it "we love to see the Wizard"). She has a pink lamb playing the part of Toto and her pink Little Mermaid purse as her diaper bag. I think it's supposed to be like Dorothy's basket but she insists it's a diaper bag. With this loot she does her best impression of skipping around the house breathlessly repeating "we love to see the Wizard". Also she thinks the Tinman is a robot, and I think she was trying to get me to play the "robot" because she told me I had to ask for a heart. I tried not to take that personally. If Greggory stands in one place too long she'll grab him by the wrist and drag him down her yellow brick road until he falls down and cries. I won't be sad when that tape breaks.

In other news. I've made a few hats from my baby hat book. The patterns called for 9 needles but I only had 10 so they are a little big. This one is for Zander, my friend Faith's little boy. He just turned two.

And this one is for Tristen, Zander's cousin. She just turned two too. I'm really pleased with these colors together.

I realise it's a little lopsided with all these pictures of Dahlia but Gregory makes a bad hat model. I have finished another one already for my other friend Marissa's boy. Jackson. I even learned a little fair isle, photo coming soon. Right now I'm working on a crochet lap blanket as one of my art sharing give aways. I had to switch to crochet, my knitting muscles were starting to cramp.


Dee said...

Such an adorable hat model! She's perfect!

Lindsay Jean said...

Why does Gregory make a bad hat model? The hats (and Dahlia) look great! Good work on both.

Anonymous said...

A girl after my own heart...I love the Wizard of OZ. It's my favorite movie!! Recently I received a pop-up children's book of the Wizard of OZ. Can't wait to share it with Dahlia and Gregory.

The hats are adorable!! Send me some patterns so I can make them for the craft fair please!!

Love ya!

Meredith said...

Gregory won't keep the hats on long enough for me to take a picture. Where as Dahlia is posable.